Motion Control Buyers' Guide

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Sale of: industrial automation and communication solutions, programmable logic controllers (PLC), human machine interface (HMI) and scada, servos and encoders, LV/MV variable speed drives (VSD) and soft starters. Ethernet switches, industrial wireless, cellular/radio, industrial gateways, media converters and serial device connectivity, embedded PCs, remote I/O, IP surveillance.

Manufacture of: industrial automation and connectivity turnkey solutions. PLC/VSD control systems, energy-saving VSD solutions.

Installer of: industrial automation solutions/turnkey projects. VSD, PLC, scada, industrial networking/wireless solutions.

System integrator of: PLC, scada, HMI, VSDs, soft starters, servo systems, industrial networking/wireless solutions.


tel: +27 83 611 8142
Govender, Devan
Technical Director
Maher, Bradley
Managing Director
Mildenhall, Bryce
Sales Manager
Nel, Dane
Technical Sales - Automation & Drives (Durban)
Rushby, Lee
Technical Sales - Automation & Drives (JHB)
Russell, Nicole
Financial Director
Schoeman, Jaco
Technical Sales - Automation & Drives (Nelspruit)
(Authorised Resellers/Dealer/Sub-Agency)
LS Electric
(Shared Agency)
(Shared Agency, System Integrator/Installer)
(Authorised Resellers/Dealer/Sub-Agency)
(Authorised Resellers/Dealer/Sub-Agency)
Power Electronics
(Authorised Resellers/Dealer/Sub-Agency, System Integrator/Installer)
Section - Actuators & manipulators
- Other
- Servo
- Stepper
- Other
- Servo
- Stepper
- Servo
- Servo
- Other
- Servo
- Other
- Servo
Section - Control systems & components
-Control components
- Control relays
- Other
-Programmable controls
- PC-based
Section - Electro, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic systems, including mechatronics & robotics
-Condition monitoring
Section - Gauges, indicators, transmitters, sensors, encoders & switches
- Linear
- Rotary
- Synchros & resolvers
- Control panels
-Personnel safety
- Programmable relays
Section - Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation
- Cable management systems
Section - Motors, drives & motor controllers
-Controller motor combinations
-AC controllers & starters
- 3-phase; frequency control; 1 - 10 kW
- 3-phase; frequency control; 10 - 100 kW
- 3-phase; frequency control; Fractional kW
- 3-phase; frequency control; Over 100 kW
- Direct on line (DOL)
- Direct torque control
- Flux vector control
- Matrix converter
- Regenerative
- Resistance
- Single phase; Frequency control; 1 - 10 kW
- Single phase; Frequency control; Fractional kW
- Soft starters; Autotransformer
- Soft starters; Electronic
- Soft starters; Other
- Soft starters; Resistance
- Soft starters; Star-Delta
- Traction control
-AC Motors
- 3-phase
- 3-phase; 1-10 kW
- 3-phase; Fractional kW
- 3-phase; Synchronous
- MV; 3-phase
- Servomotor; Geared
- Servomotor; Ungeared
- Single phase; 1-10 kW
-Controller motor sets
- AC; 3-phase; Frequency control; Closed loop
- AC; 3-phase; Frequency control; Open loop
- AC; Single phase; Frequency control; Closed loop
- AC; Single phase; Frequency control; Open loop
- DC; Motor controller combination; Closed loop
- DC; Motor controller combination; Open loop
- DC; Pulse width modulation (PWM); Closed loop
- DC; Pulse width modulation (PWM); Open loop
-DC controllers & starters
- Current control; 10-100 kW
- Current control; 1-10 kW
- Current control; Fractional kW
- Current control; Over 100 kW
- Regenerative
- Starters
- Traction control
- Voltage control; 10-100 kW
- Voltage control; 1-10 kW
- Voltage control; Fractional kW
- Voltage control; Over 100 kW
-Other electric motors
- Stepper
- Motor Control Centres (MCC)
- Other
- Other
-Controller motor combinations
- Other
Section - Power generation & storage
- AC power supplies; 0-120 V
- AC power supplies; 120-600 V
- DC power supplies; 0-120 V
- DC power supplies; 120-600 V
- Solar systems
Section - Power transmission & distribution
- Cable management systems
Section - Services
-Design & engineering
- Engineering
- System integration/consulting
- General maintenance
- Control panel
-Design & engineering
- Engineering
- System integration/consulting
-Plant & maintenance
- Energy efficiency
-Training & education
- Electrical drive systems; Courses/seminars at customers' premises
- Electrical drive systems; Courses/seminars at training centre
- Electrical drive systems; Courses/seminars by arrangement
- Electrical drive systems; Regular courses/seminars
-Design & engineering
- Engineering
- System integration/consulting
- Maintenance
- Maintenance & manufacture
Section - Tools & equipment including software tools
- Electrical; Test equipment
- Software; Electrical drive design
Industry news:
High efficiency motors and drives can combat climate change
Second Quarter 2021, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), industry accounts for 37% of global energy use and some 30% of global energy is consumed in buildings. While mostly hidden from public view, electric ...

Total drive solution for iron ore project
Second Quarter 2021, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

Bauer Geared Motors recently delivered a total drive solution including five large-sized 750 kW industrial gearboxes and two 185 kW units for the Tippler upgrade project at the Saldanha Iron Ore Export ...

World-first sensor platform for mobile machines
Second Quarter 2021, Other technologies, Instrotech

However dire or adverse the conditions are, mobile machines must work reliably under the harshest of conditions, including heat, cold, shock, vibration, water, mud or dust.       To ensure uninterrupted ...

Taking soft-starters to the next level
Second Quarter 2021, Electrical switching & drive systems & components, Zest WEG Group Africa

The new WEG SSW900 soft-starters are the ideal choice for complete motor control and protection. These units allow quick and simple access to application information and configuration settings in any ...

HydraForce electro-proportional valves
Second Quarter 2021, Hydraulic systems & components, Bearing Man Group T/A BMG

BMG supplies a wide range of HydraForce electro-proportional valves, which are suitable for use in many applications in agriculture, construction, materials handling, fluid conveyance, mining and quarrying. ...

Grease injector for harsh applications
Second Quarter 2021, Electrical switching & drive systems & components, SKF South Africa

The new SKF Lincoln SL-6 injector has been designed for ease-of-use and low maintenance, with outstanding leak protection and service life, even with harsh extreme pressure greases. The SL-6 can easily ...

Control automation excellence
Second Quarter 2021, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

SEW-EURODRIVE’s MOVI-C® is a unique automation control system that sets a new benchmark in control automation, embracing Industry 4.0 technology. Part of the company’s innovative Generation C advanced ...

I-MAK gearboxes from BI
Second Quarter 2021, Electrical switching & drive systems & components

As part of its Bauer range, Bearings International (BI) supplies gearboxes from I-MAK, a Turkish OEM. The I-MAK product range has a Certificate of Conformity from the Turkish Standards Institute, as well ...


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