Motion Control Buyers' Guide
Omron Electronics
Omron Electronics

22 Friesland Drive, Longmeadow Business Estate South, Modderfontein

+27 11 579 2600

Sale of: complete industrial automation solutions, including automation systems, motion and drive, sensing and control and switching components, as well as training, safety and project solutions.

Manufacture of: technologically advanced industrial automation products and application expertise.

Installer of: project planning, installation and maintenance.

System integrator of: automation components and systems.

Cape Town

tel: +27 21 551 2448

tel: +27 31 257 3000
de Jager, Laetitia
Regional Marketing Manager
Ferreira, Euston
Regional Sales Manager
Marques, Victor
Country General Manager
Section - Control systems & components
-Control components
- Control relays
- Other
-Programmable controls
- PC-based
Section - Electro, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic systems, including mechatronics & robotics
-Robotics & mechatronics
- Mechatronic components
- Peripherals; Grippers
- Peripherals; Vision systems
- Peripherals; Welding
- Research
- Robots
Section - Gauges, indicators, transmitters, sensors, encoders & switches
- Rotary
-Personnel safety
- Light curtains & guards
- Mechanical guards
- Movement sensors
- Photoelectric guards
- Presence sensors
- Programmable relays
- Safety controllers & shutdown systems
- Safety relays
- Trip switches
- Visual safety devices (beacons, etc)
-Presence sensors
- Capacitive sensors
- Limit switch
- Magnetic sensors
- Proximity
- Vision systems
- Level
- Position
- Temperature
Section - Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation
- Power contactors & isolators
- Protection (thermal, magnetic, electronic, CT, overvoltage)
Section - Motors, drives & motor controllers
-AC controllers & starters
- 3-phase; frequency control; 1 - 10 kW
- 3-phase; frequency control; 10 - 100 kW
- 3-phase; frequency control; Fractional kW
- 3-phase; frequency control; Over 100 kW
- Flux vector control
- Single phase; Frequency control; 1 - 10 kW
- Single phase; Frequency control; Fractional kW
- Single phase; Frequency control; Over 10 kW
-AC Motors
- Servomotor; Ungeared
-Controller motor sets
- AC; 3-phase; Frequency control; Closed loop
- AC; 3-phase; Frequency control; Open loop
- AC; Single phase; Frequency control; Closed loop
- AC; Single phase; Frequency control; Open loop
-DC controllers & starters
- Current control; 10-100 kW
- Current control; 1-10 kW
- Current control; Fractional kW
- Current control; Over 100 kW
Section - Power transmission & distribution
- Power contactors & isolators
- Protection (thermal, magnetic, electronic, CT, overvoltage)
Section - Services
-Design & engineering
- Engineering
- System integration/consulting
-Plant & maintenance
- Energy efficiency
-Training & education
- Electrical drive systems; Courses/seminars at customers' premises
- Electrical drive systems; Courses/seminars at training centre
- Electrical drive systems; Courses/seminars by arrangement
- Electrical drive systems; Regular courses/seminars
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